Fit Positive Confident is the radio show with the purpose of motivating you to be the best you can be. To be the best you, you must attain excellent fitness, exceptional attitude and meaningful spirituality.

Excellent fitness fills you with contagious vibrancy and energy.
Exceptional attitude moves mountains.
Meaningful spirituality provides confidence that knows no fear.

Your host Dr. Gordon Anic is a Christian pastor with 25 years of experience in helping people change their lives. His interviews and teachings are practical, powerful, motivational and life changing.
He is joined by co-host Milos Tomic, also a pastor specializing in working with teenagers and young people in general.

Retro Microphone“Your whole person health coach”
New Radio Show Motivating You to Improve Your Health

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Fit, Positive & Confident” was chosen in order to reflect all three areas that need healing:

→ Fit refers to physical health
→ Positive refers to mental health
→ Confident refers to one’s faith

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